Wooden Door Locks

Wooden door locks are essential for securing your home or business. Whether you have a traditional wooden door or a composite one with a wooden veneer, choosing the right lock is crucial for your security. Wooden doors can accommodate various types of locks, depending on your needs and preferences.

Wooden doors are frequently chosen for exterior entrances in residential properties. They can accommodate various types of locks, with mortice locks, rim locks, and nightlatches being some of the most common options. Here, we'll outline the typical locks used for wooden doors.

Euro Profile Sashlock: This lock is designed for use with a euro profile cylinder. It combines a deadbolt with a handle-operated latch.

Mortice Deadlock: Typically used on front or entrance doors in conjunction with a nightlatch. Many home insurance policies require external locks to have either 5 levers or meet British Standard 3621.

Mortice Latch: Commonly found on internal doors.

Rim Lock: Surface-mounted and often seen on older properties. It can function as a sashlock or a dead lock.

Rim Night Latch: Typically used on exterior doors.

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