A night latch can come in two main variations: deadlocking and non-deadlocking. These locks offer several defenses against burglars and can be used in conjunction with the primary lock on a door to enhance security.

A night latch can either be deadlocking or non deadlocking and has several defences against burglars, it can be used in addition to the main lock.

Nightlatches are key-operated locks that can be operated from the outside using a key and from the inside using a handle. These locks provide a significant challenge to criminals due to their features. They can be equipped with a 6-pin rim cylinder that is designed to be anti-pick, anti-drill, and anti-bump.

Typically, the bolt or latch of the nightlatch locks the door automatically when it’s closed, although this can vary depending on the specific design of the lock. A handle on the inside allows the user to open the door, and there is often a snib that can hold the latch in place.

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