Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation Part I

noviembre 28, 2018
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Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation Part I

While on vacation, your home could be vulnerable to household calamities. There is nothing worse than coming back from a vacation or a business trip to find that something has gone seriously wrong with your home.

How to Keep Your Home Secure on Vacation

An unoccupied house or apartment can be an alluring target for thieves and burglars. We all have valuable belongings in our home so in order to keep them safe it is better to take necessary precaution so that you can enjoy your holiday peacefully. The simplest of things can go a long way in keeping your home protected against accidents, home invaders and power trips.

Ask A Friend for Help

Best way to have peace of mind when you are on a vacation is to have a person you can trust, It can be your neighbor, friend or family to help you keep an eye on your home. just asked them nicely to swing by once a day to make sure everything is in order. Abandoned mail at the front door can be a sign that the house is not occupied. You could request that your mail will be held for you at your local mail service provider or have a neighbor hold it for you until you return from your vacation.

Beware of Social Media

Our social media presence might as well be our greatest vulnerability. We all have accounts on Twitter and Facebook and tend to forget that other people, not only our friends, can learn a lot about us from our posts.  for example: our current and home location, our financial status ,friends and much more.

There are a lot of strangers online and not all of them have good intentions. The same way you wouldn’t announce to a crowd full of strangers that your home is empty and vulnerable is the same way you don’t announce your absence on social media. Even if you would post about your vacation, be sure to set the correct privacy settings so that your posts are only viewed by people that you know and trust. Also, be aware of the type of message you leave on your answering machine on your home phone,  All you need to do is let people know you cannot come to the phone at the moment, no additional information is necessary.

Make It Seem Like There Is Someone Home

You can set your lights on an automatic timer that will put certain lights on and off at night periodically. You could also leave your car in the driveway ,give the impression that someone is home. If it is during winter, you can ask a neighbor to clear the snow off your driveway and gather your mail and packages at least once a week so that your home does not look abandoned. Main reason is that burglars like driving around neighborhoods to see if there are any houses that look unoccupied, that is how they choose which ones to target. Even if you are going to tidy up before leaving for your vacation, you could leave some toys or tools by the front door, and if you have a light outside – keep it on. Burglars will you usually keep away not wanting to be seen.

Make Your Security Measures Prominent

Before you go away for your vacation, you can install motion lights around your yard and surroundings so that whenever there is activity close to your drive way or front door, a light goes on and let any potential intruder know that this house will not be an easy target. You can also purchase fake security cameras that have active LED lights (making them look real). Install them above your access points and around your property to keep intruders away.

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