Escape Locks

Escape locks are designed to ensure a safe and quick exit from rooms in a building, particularly in emergency situations like fires. These locks are typically installed in commercial and public buildings rather than residential properties. The primary purpose of escape locks is to provide a means of egress that allows individuals to exit a building easily and without hindrance in case of an emergency, helping to ensure their safety.

Escape locks ensure that you can get out of rooms in a building safely and quickly if there is a fire. They are generally found in commercial and public buildings rather than residential properties.

Escape locks, which are a type of deadlock, are designed to provide a quick and easy means of exiting a room or building in emergency situations. When the door’s handle is pulled from the inside, it retracts both the latch and the deadbolt, allowing individuals to exit without the need for a key. This feature ensures that people can evacuate a space rapidly during emergencies, such as fires, without delays caused by unlocking the door.

However, it’s important to note that escape locks should not be used on final exit doors. Final exit doors typically require specific hardware and mechanisms to comply with safety and fire regulations, ensuring that they can be easily and quickly opened from the inside in case of emergencies without any special knowledge or tools. Using escape locks on final exit doors may not meet these safety requirements.

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