Door Chains & Viewers

Door chains and door viewers are straightforward yet highly effective devices that provide you with the ability to communicate with and observe strangers at your door, all while maintaining a level of security against potential intrusion.

Door chains are simple yet effective tools, allowing you to speak to strangers at the door without fear of intrusion.

Although door chains are simple in design, there have been recent innovations like the two-year-old Secure-Ring. This device combines the functions of a traditional chain and a door restrictor, making it suitable for use on UPVC and composite doors. It’s a valuable addition, especially for individuals who may struggle with operating a conventional chain.

Door viewers, commonly known as "spyholes," are self-explanatory devices. They offer an added layer of security by enabling you to identify individuals at your front door before granting them access to your home.

However, there are actually three primary types of non-digital door viewers, each with its own variations:

  1. Traditional Viewer – This viewer allows the user to see who is on the other side of the door by putting their eye to the viewer.

  2. Prism Viewer – This type of viewer can provide a clear view from a distance of up to seven meters, enhancing safety. It’s particularly suitable for those with poorer eyesight.

  3. Secure Vision Pane – This is a less common form of viewer featuring a sliding pane of glass positioned between two fixed panes of glass. A handle is used to move the middle pane and view the visitor.

Determining the most suitable type of viewer for your needs, taking into account the depth of your door, is a consideration worth discussing with our locksmiths. We have locksmiths available throughout the country, offering 24-hour service, and the best part is, we don’t charge a call-out fee.

In addition to door viewers, we can also perform security surveys to assess the safety of your premises, check if your locks meet insurance requirements, and offer advice to deter potential thieves.

Our locksmiths are available 24/7, and all of them undergo DBS checks for your peace of mind.

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